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Jen Lussier

Director, Growth

Jen is a long-time entrepreneur in Calgary. At Platform as Director of Growth, she is responsible for high impact, strategic relationships and revenue-generating corporate partnerships, to ensure the sustainability of the organization and to support the growth of the tech sector in the city. Jen works to find alignment and create stronger ties with other tech ecosystem organizations through outreach, connection and collaboration.

Prior to Platform, she spent 4 years building a tech start-up in the construction industry from scratch, initially as CMO and eventually as President. She raised capital, built the brand, lead product development, managed marketing and sales, and P&L. Managed an advisory board and reported to board of directors, handled investor communications.

Prior to that Jen spent ~20 years helping to build corporate brands from the ground up in creating vision, clarifying messaging, crafting imagery, and nurturing brands through marketing, design and writing.

Her fun side project is Eff Academy, a forum about failure where entrepreneurs can find commonalities and connect on the challenges they’ve shared in starting, running, scaling, and sometimes shuttering, their businesses.