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Difficulty talking to customers? Not sure if you're asking the right questions? Customers not calling you back? 

This program empowers you to understand how to engage with customers, how to test your product ideas, and how to measure the results. In short - we’ll give you all the ingredients necessary to build a viable business solution people love and are willing to pay for!*

How does it work?
  • Identify who your early adopters are, what they look like and how they behave to build a better solution for the problem they want to solve. 
  • Evaluate how big and compelling their problems are - and if it’s worth your time & money to try and solve them.
  • Craft a series of tests (aka “MVP’s”) so you know what to build, when to build it, and why it matters to your customers.


*Real customer conversations guaranteed, results may vary. Side effects may include: Product pivots, mvp iterations, actual early adopters and even early revenue.


Program Date: Wednesday, May 13th from 9am-12pm

Course Schedule

- Each session will take place from 9AM-12PM -

Session 1: May 13 - Stop selling, start listening.

Session 2: May 20 - Everybody is lying to you. Here’s how you get over it.

Session 3: May 27 - Why is nobody buying? Unlock sales today.

Session 4: June 2 - Am I on the right path or should I hit reset?

Your Investment

$100/person + GST and Eventbrite Fees

Recommended Prerequisite(s)

Business Model Canvas 101 & 201


Zoom Meeting - Details will be sent after registration


Payment for this program is managed through Eventbrite.

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saved us months

"The Discover program provides a solid framework for engaging customers to better understand the market potential and needs. Has probably saved us months in the process of starting our new business."

- Derrick Keoing

it's worth it

"Discovery is a challenging way to assess a business idea. One has to be willing to be very wrong. Critically assessing the data gathered is key to getting a benefit. Doing it right may result in robust discussions among partners - and it's worth it!"

- Nora Brittney