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Junction: Applications Open for Spring 2020!




Discover is designed to help you, as an entrepreneur, validate the problem you are trying to solve through customer discovery. Customer discovery is an essential component at the early stages of a startup; understanding your customer's pain will help you deliver a solution that customers actually want.

This course will teach you who an early adopter is, what they look and behave like, evaluate if the problem is big enough to solve, and how to talk to potential customers without talking about your solution.


Course Schedule

- Each session will take place from 9AM-12PM -

Session 1: February 5 - Problem, Solution, and Customer

Session 2: February 12 - Quantifying the Problem and Current Solutions

Session 3: February 19 - Building a Minimum Viable Product

Session 4: February 26 - Validation Workshop

Your Investment

Early bird: $100/person + GST and Eventbrite Fees

$175/person + GST and Eventbrite Fees


Platform Beta at Hillier Block

429 8 Ave SE, Calgary, AB  T2G 0L7


Payment for this program is managed through Eventbrite.

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saved us months

"The Discover program provides a solid framework for engaging customers to better understand the market potential and needs. Has probably saved us months in the process of starting our new business."

- Derrick Keoing

it's worth it

"Discovery is a challenging way to assess a business idea. One has to be willing to be very wrong. Critically assessing the data gathered is key to getting a benefit. Doing it right may result in robust discussions among partners - and it's worth it!"

- Nora Brittney



Understand how to use low cost minimum viable products to test your riskiest assumptions.


Set yourself apart from the competition, and gain an unfair advantage when approaching investors, partners and customers.

321 Growth Academy

Designed to ignite the growth of B2B Startups and Scaleups, through hands-on learning and coaching to drive revenue faster.