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There is no perfect guide to navigating entrepreneurship and no two entrepreneurs will take the same path. Some are brand new and trying to carve their way, while others are well-experienced travelers. Junction is where startups join together to learn from one another, grow together and leave equipped for their journey ahead. It is the intersection of Founders and Foundations.

Throughout the program, you will collaborate, inspire, support and celebrate one another as you work with advisors to breakthrough, advance and scale further, faster. The program includes a mix of in-class educational sessions, hands-on workshops, special events, mental health awareness, 1:1 Advisor coaching, and peer-learning. All led by some really smart people and local business leaders.

Startups graduate with a Data Room - an organized compilation of startup documents in one secure location. Think of your company as a giant puzzle. The pieces are the components that make up your business, and Junction shows you how to put them together.


Junction helps you build a strong foundation as an entrepreneur and sets you apart from the competition, providing you with an unfair advantage when approaching investors, partners and customers. It will prepare you to take full advantage of seed accelerators after graduation so you can hit the ground running. 


September 30 to November 29, 2019

Sample Schedule from Spring 2019 Cohort


Recommended Prerequisite(s) Discover


Platform Beta at Hillier Block

429 8 Ave SE, Calgary, AB  T2G 0L7


Cohort 3 is accepting applications. Apply now!

This program is for entrepreneurs who:

  • Are first-time tech founders
  • Have an innovation driven product and/or solution prototype
  • Are serious to learn how to move your company to the next level
  • Do you have an MVP? A BMC? A VPC?
  • Are you pre-seed? Pre-revenue (or early revenue)?
  • Are you willing to work onsite in our new interim downtown facility, The Hillier Block, in Calgary alongside other startups for 9 weeks?

Program outcomes:

  • Find your product/market fit
  • Better prepared for next level accelerators
  • Data room set up
  • Access to advisor network
  • Growth of your network
  • Pitch development
  • Heads up on the unknown 



All startups must apply for the Junction program. Companies that meet the the criteria and are applying for reasons that this program can directly help with, will be shortlisted and interviewed. Startups that are a fit, able to commit to the workload/schedule, and willing to be coached through the program will be accepted.


Has been instrumental

"This program has been instrumental in getting us organized as a biz. The data room assignment has forced a level or organization that I would have never achieved and also illuminated the stuff we have been missing."

- Jaime Wood, Fanoramas

I Cannot Do This Alone

"I’m enlightened and see my business in a completely new light. Particularly, I see how I cannot do this alone anymore. Now I have the skill sets and vision to strategically hire people or services to move forward. I now have a 2 year, battle tested, road map ahead of me and I now know how external parties measure the health of my business."

- Mike Grossman, PPEHQ


junction cohort 1

Fall 2018

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Spring 2019

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