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Meet the Student Companies

Meet the 2020 Summer Incubator Program's 14 companies:


 Chaos Solutions

Data analysis and software development designed to help investors identify and invest in ecologically and socially sustainable products.

Founders: James Steele & Asher Wilson
From: UCalgary & UofT

 Chinook Aerosports

The world's first technology driven disc golf company. Chinook Aero is bringing innovation to the rapidly growing world of disc golf by introducing Smart Discs.
Founder: Ben Pearman | From: MRU

Dodge Queue

Dodge Queue is a service aimed at mitigating bullying and harassment in online gaming. Our goal is to keep your gaming experience enjoyable!
Founder: Brett Miller | From: MRU

The Edible Food

You contribute, we serve and they sustain!

Founder: Yash Shah | From: UCalgary

its legit

It’s Legit mitigates risk for individuals investing in the shoe resale market by providing fast and accurate legitimacy checks.
Founder: Matt Stan | From: MRU

ivy systems 

ivy is empowering students to get the most out of their post secondary experience through a campus specific mobile platform.
Founders: Paul Dan & Robert Fiker
From: UCalgary


JAMH is developing an AI toolkit to help you solve today's greatest problems. Currently working on a summarization algorithm to save time and boost productivity. | Founders: Jackson Cooper & Maggie
Thai | From: UCalgary

Ludum Capit Studios

Ludum Capit Studios is bringing language learning into the 21st century by combining technology and cognitive science.

Founders: Sabrina Altamirano & Emily Baird
From: UCalgary


Medibee is the beginning of a better pharmacy experience for thousands of Calgarians every month.
Founders: Asif Bux & Arslan Mustafa
From: UCalgary

mooch moms

Mooch bites are a convenient and guilt-free snack that provides excellent nutrition for both baby & mom. Free of any refined sugar and rich in vitamins, minerals and galactagogue ingredients. Formulated to promote lactation, enhance milk quality and satisfy cravings.
Founder: Arielle Fitzgerald | From: MRU


A robotic painting solution that looks to redefine how the collision industry paints its products.
Founders: Ryan Doel & Petra Lushai
From: MRU

Shift Golf Technologies

Shift offers pressure sensing insoles used to calibrate the perfect golf swing. By pairing the data collected with smart insoles with user input from the resulting swing, shift will create a comprehensive dataset that shows what is the individuals perfect golfing stance.

@ShiftGolfTech | Founders: Nolan Osiowy &
Benjamin Walsh | From: UCalgary

 Sonic Coach

Working to reduce the number of pre-treatment scans prior to external beam therapy via novel bladder sensation coaching device and process.

Founders: Surbhi Sachan & Jeremy Braun
From: UCalgary

Woodworking Service

Let's take a step towards making woodworking

Founder: Rohitashav Aggarwal | From: SAIT


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