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Junction: Applications Open for Spring 2020!

TELUS Innovation Platform


Platform Calgary and TELUS have partnered to support Canadian technology startups at all stages of growth. At the early stage, together, we help startups develop a robust go to market strategy. For growth stage startups, we offer a combination of advisory services that strengthen all aspects of their business, leading to increased growth, higher visibility with potential customers and investors, and potential enterprise opportunities with TELUS. Collectively, these efforts strengthen the innovation ecosystem and create economic prosperity in Canada. 




Exposes a critical mass of early stage startups to education and advice from TELUS, Platform Calgary and its partners. This facilitates startup growth and strengthens the Canadian technology ecosystem.

Ideal for: Early stage startups looking to validate their product and the market



Identifies and accelerates Canadian growth stage startups in priority areas such as big data, digital health, IoT and smart agriculture that TELUS can potentially take to market to address a customer challenge.

Ideal for: Growth stage startups looking to expand and accelerate their business