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We're passionate about supporting startups and innovators no matter where they’re at. We value integrity, creativity and diversity on our team — and wake up everyday with the goal of supporting entrepreneurs to reach their big dreams.

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Written by the team, this is our day-to-day philosophy:

Ship it

I do what it takes to get work out the door even if it’s not perfect, and learn how to make it better.

Shout out

I revel in my coworkers’ efforts and accomplishments.

Move the needle

I drive transformational results by focusing on opportunities that create measurable impact at scale.

All hands

I take initiative to listen, ask and contribute in whatever ways I can because I have experiences and knowledge that matter.

Built to last

I act today to create foundations for the future of Calgary.

Top priority

I safeguard my health and wellness and know I am supported by the team to take care of myself.

We are fostering a culture of belonging that is diverse and inclusive. This begins with an equitable and accessible hiring process.

We highly encourage applications from excluded and marginalized communities, regardless of race, creed, sex, gender, orientation, religion, and including persons with disabilities, visible minorities and foreign-born residents.

If you think this could be the role for you and you bring something to the table, submit your application (even if you do not meet 100% of the qualifications to apply)!

Any candidates with disabilities or who may require accommodations throughout the recruitment process are encouraged to contact us.

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