Become a Partner

Become a Partner

Growing our impact together

Our vision is to make Calgary the best place in the world to launch and grow a startup. Together with Partners, we are building a city-wide culture of innovation that transforms industry, develops cutting-edge talent, and unleashes investment, ultimately creating over 30,000 new jobs at 3,000 new startups by 2031.

Meet our partners

Resident Partners

are organizations with a day-to-day presence at the Platform Innovation Centre that deliver innovation-based programs or services.

Program Partners

are organizations that offer and deliver innovation-based programs or services to the community, and/or that co-develop or co-deliver a program or service with other Partners, without a permanent physical presence in the Platform Innovation Centre.

Pillar Team Partners

are a group of trusted in-house service firms that provide professional guidance and mentorship to entrepreneurs – in areas like banking, legal, marketing, accounting, and real estate – as they take the next steps towards building their successful tech startup.

Pillar Team Partners benefit from:

Thought Leadership

Your organization will be considered first as subject matter experts and for content delivery to cohorts, as well as through guest blog post opportunities.


You’ll be connected to startups through referrals, engagement opportunities and discounted, or free tickets to signature events. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Early access to sponsorship opportunities, which include opportunities for logo placements on digital and physical collateral at signature events.

Increased Visibility

Chances to get seen with your logo on Platform’s website, member portal, digital and physical signage throughout the Centre and on collateral distributed to founders.

Annual Impact Report

An opportunity to receive valuable feedback on the impact your services have on founder and member entrepreneurial journeys.

Become a Pillar Team Partner

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