10X Future Founders: Meet the scholarship winners

10X Future Founders: Meet the scholarship winners

Platform Calgary is a non-profit, member based organization. Our mandate is to bring together the resources of Calgary's tech ecosystem to help startups launch and grow at every step of their journey, from ideation through to scale.

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Platform Calgary is powered by a community of partners and supporters who all share a common goal: making Calgary the best place to start and grow a tech company. This starts with supporting and encouraging young aspiring founders to pursue a career in tech and innovation, and to build homegrown talent here in Calgary.

The 10X Circle is a group of passionate Calgarians and community leaders who have been instrumental in envisioning and establishing the Platform Innovation Centre, Calgary’s first purpose-built home for innovators. As gratitude for their support and contributions, Platform Calgary is paying it forward with the 10X Future Founders Scholarship to inspire the next generation of innovators in our city.

On June 13th, we had the honour of awarding the inaugural $1000 cash scholarships to a group of ten inspiring highschool students from across the Calgary region. These students are passionate about pursuing careers aligned with technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, and they are already demonstrating their potential through their community involvement, creativity and leadership.

Meet the 2022 10X Future Founder Scholarship winners:

Allan Kong | Sir Winston Churchill

“I remember it precisely, at the age of eleven, I was sitting on my bed when I hit an “Aha!” moment: I realized my interest in expressing myself with technology in contrast to traditional art. From that moment forward, I continued to search for new STEM endeavours."

Ana DuCristea | John G. Diefenbaker High School

“What’s not to like about making something new? My father ‘tricked’ me at a young age into being a creator instead of just a user, and for me tech is the most exciting way to do that.”

Grace Florence | Bowness High School

“My passion for entrepreneurship stems from being intrigued by pursuing my own ideas, and putting them into action. I am surrounded by family who have always pursued their passions, so I am inspired by them and their creativity to take this path in life.”

Ian Wang | Western Canada High School

"Tech and innovation is the future and is my future. My robotics experience has given me an unforgettable experience of friendships, lessons, and sometimes late nights that I want to pass down to as many students as possible. It's something I'm incredibly grateful for and why I want to provide students younger than me that same opportunity."

Jakob Kimber | Springbank High School

"I am passionate about technology, entrepreneurship and innovation because not only do I believe that technology is a driving factor to the future of our world but working with today's technology and seeing it get more advanced is what I find enjoyable."

Nuha Machhiwala | Sir Winston Churchill High School

“I wish to tap into the unlimited possibilities of digital technology as I look forward to working with others in the industry towards innovation. My goal is to dedicate myself to the betterment of the environment and communities by implementing ethical and sustainable solutions.”

Patrick Blomme | Our Lady of the Rockies High School

“I am passionate about entrepreneurship because it gives me an opportunity to solve real world problems in my own way. I have the freedom to create certain products or services in my own way.“

Prajwal Chari | Henry Wise Wood High School

“Simply to inspire, change and leave an impact on the human race."

Sarah Joy Mendoza | Notre Dame High School

“Entrepreneurship poses risks being an unconventional path but because it’s challenging I’m drawn to it. Growing up I continue to use my experience in technology to bring my visions to life.”

Toby Carter | Bow Valley High School, Cochrane, AB

"I'm passionate about tech, entrepreneurship, and innovation because it's the future of our world. The pursuit of unique and new ideas is how we as a civilization are going to continue to progress for the better. The future is exciting, and it's these aspects that are going to keep us moving forward!"

As part of the scholarship, the students were invited to the Platform Innovation Centre to participate in a conversation with educational and youth leaders about how to build a vibrant tech sector and attract young people to it. We were joined by Swish Goswami, CEO of Surf and Startup Canada Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Goswami met with the scholarship winners and shared his experiences as a young founder, including insights on entrepreneurship, branding and so much more.

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June 16, 2022



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