KPMG Ignition Calgary opens in the Platform Innovation Centre

KPMG Ignition Calgary opens in the Platform Innovation Centre

Kerry Harmer and Murray Suey at KPMG Ignition Calgary.

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We're excited to celebrate the opening of KPMG Ignition Calgary in the Platform Innovation Centre today! This landing spot will help Calgary's tech and innovation community thrive — creating connections, helping startups grow and driving corporate innovation in Calgary. Learn more about the opening:

KPMG in Canada today officially opened KPMG Ignition Calgary at the Platform Innovation Centre, creating a dedicated innovation lab to help clients solve their most complex problems.

To mark the opening, KPMG unveiled a specially commissioned piece of AI-informed artwork by the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii), one of Canada's three centres of AI excellence, and local visual designer Natalia Resovsky. By using software algorithms that manipulate digital images in a technique known as Neural Style Transfer (NST), Amii took over 200 images blending 'style' from one onto the other. Ms. Resovsky then used those images to produce a wall-sized abstract interpretation of Calgary's skyline that captures the vibrancy and growth of Calgary as one of the country's leading AI and tech innovation hubs.

"This is more than a work of art. It is a representation and celebration of the province's thriving culture of technology, entrepreneurialism, and innovation," says Murray Suey, KPMG's Regional Managing Partner for Calgary. "It's important that we continue to nurture and support the tech ecosystem and innovation. Innovation is what fuels the economy and makes it resilient. AI and machine learning already transform our way of life and work and is helping our clients transform the way they deliver services."

KPMG Ignition Calgary is one of the firm's three Ignition Centres across Canada that serve as dynamic innovation labs for clients to solve complex problems, navigate disruption in their industries, and harness technologies to improve their operations and overall customer service experience. Globally, KPMG has Ignition hubs in 16 countries to incubate technological ideas and facilitate client-directed solutions to problems involving, among others, data and analytics, digital solutions, and technology business management.

"We help our clients reframe their problems, see beyond the now, and derive value from innovation," says Kerry Harmer, KPMG Ignition Calgary Leader. "Leveraging design thinking methodology, analytical tools, and our ecosystem of alliances, we custom-fit solutions for specific business challenges, helping our clients to think leaner, faster and more efficiently to stay sharp and competitive."

"KPMG Ignition Calgary is a key pillar of the experience at the Platform Innovation Centre - helping enterprise leaders collaborate and innovate," says Terry Rock, President and CEO at Platform Calgary.

"This visionary project will create more impactful collision for founders and start-ups and drive corporate innovation across the city."

The Canadian KPMG Ignition centres – also in Vancouver and Toronto – feature immersive, project-focused workspaces and interactive demonstrations designed to facilitate information sharing, collaboration, and creativity.

KPMG was named a 2022 Leader in Canadian AI Services by IDC MarketScape.

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November 21, 2022


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