Senior Leadership and Organization Structure Announcement

Senior Leadership and Organization Structure Announcement

Platform Calgary is a non-profit, member based organization. Our mandate is to bring together the resources of Calgary's tech ecosystem to help startups launch and grow at every step of their journey, from ideation through to scale.

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Platform Calgary is pleased to announce that Jen Lussier has been appointed to the role of COO. As a strategic partner to the CEO, Jen is responsible for driving operational excellence throughout Platform Calgary, helping us deliver on our vision of making Calgary the best place in the world for anyone to start and grow a tech company.

Jen is a long time entrepreneur in Calgary and joined Platform in the fall of 2019 fresh out of a tech startup. She began as a Startup Advisor, working directly with founders to help them learn the ropes and achieve key milestones. As Jen became familiar with Platform, she leaned on her entrepreneurial instincts and began building partnerships with adjacent organizations that share Platform’s goals and values, ultimately becoming VP Growth. Platform’s ecosystem partnerships now number over 110 thanks to Jen’s leadership and her work alongside her team.

“Jen has been a critically important contributor to Platform Calgary’s successful navigation of our startup phase. She saw and began executing on the vision almost immediately, and has brought essential entrepreneurial operator experience to Platform. I admire her focus and tenacity, and am looking forward to working closely with her to support our team in delivering results for our community,” says Terry Rock, President & CEO.

In addition to this senior leadership change, Platform Calgary has completed a reorganization aimed at increasing operational excellence, client service and efficiency. Incorporating learning from 7 months of operations in the Platform Innovation Centre, several roles have been refocused, new key roles have been identified, and two roles were eliminated.

We thank our team members, current and past, for their commitment to our community-focused mission and their willingness to navigate change as we work together to build an organization that makes a difference.

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February 15, 2023


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