SVG Ventures | THRIVE launches Global Agrifood Innovation Hub in Calgary

SVG Ventures | THRIVE launches Global Agrifood Innovation Hub in Calgary

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SVG Ventures | THRIVE and Platform Calgary have entered into a strategic collaboration to create a Canadian hub and headquarters for agrifood innovation in the heart of Calgary. THRIVE will be a Resident Program Partner within the new Platform Innovation Centre where they will launch their THRIVE Agrifood Innovation Digital Hub for Canada. The Hub will support early-stage Canadian startups from across the agrifood value chain whose technologies drive us towards a more efficient, sustainable, and secure agriculture future.

“This partnership illustrates the close alignment in values between THRIVE Canada and Platform Calgary,” said John Cassidy, Managing Director of THRIVE Canada. “Canadian innovation will continue to play a huge role in the future of global agriculture. Together, we will nurture the fast-growing agrifood innovation community, and, in doing so, accelerate the technologies and jobs of the future that will fuel our economy from here in the heart of Calgary.”

Based in Silicon Valley, SVG Ventures | THRIVE maintains a global platform with a vision to advance the future of food and agriculture through innovation. They have a proven track record for identifying and accelerating disruptive solutions in food and agriculture with a view to solving some of the biggest challenges facing the food and agriculture industries.

As a Resident Program Partner in the Platform Innovation Centre, SVG Ventures brings their expansive global network of startups, corporates, and investors to Canada. Through Platform Calgary’s Startup Visa program, THRIVE’s international founder network will have greater access and opportunities to relocate to, and grow in, Alberta.

Together, THRIVE Canada and Platform Calgary will align startup programming and resources to best serve agritech innovators in Calgary and across the country. The Platform Innovation Centre will be the base for THRIVE Canada accelerator programming such as demo days, cohort programming, seed camps, workshops, events, and pitch sessions.

“Nearly a quarter of Platform Calgary’s clients in 2020 were in agriculture and food innovation and this number will only grow with dedicated support and programming," said Dr. Terry Rock, President and CEO of Platform Calgary. “Whenever a tech innovator walks through the door of the Platform Innovation Centre, they will be welcomed with access to everything they need to achieve success. With THRIVE Canada, this now includes all the resources and connections they have within the global agrifood innovation community.”

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January 18, 2022


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