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Creating a Culture of Belonging: Think Big, Start Small, Act Now.

Creating a Culture of Belonging: Think Big, Start Small, Act Now.

People & Culture
  • November 22, 2023
  • 11:30 am
    12:30 pm
  • Platform Innovation Centre - Classroom 1

Hosted By: Belongify @ Platform Innovation Centre (Classroom 1)

As a leader, you know that having a people-first and highly effective team is critical, but how are you intentionally doing this? Building alignment and motivation through a shared experience around culture inspires action and creates the conditions for teams to thrive.

Join Belongify CEO Grant Assenheimer for an interactive workshop to uncover the power of connection and consider the crucial elements that make up a culture of belonging.

During the session, we will also:

  • Address the impact of the increasing rate of change in teams.
  • Understand how the team is the place where culture meets performance.
  • Discover why cultures of belonging are more than a simple extension of DE&I policies.

…and you will leave with a simple tool to help you incorporate meaningful connections into your daily interactions.

For more information, check out the Belongify Website or get in touch directly –!

About the Speaker

About the SpeakerGrant grew up as a farm kid, worked as an engineer, travelled the world as a humanitarian worker, and landed as an executive leader. His drive to find solutions is backed by a deep value of different perspectives and the patience to discover root causes, leading to sustainable, systems-level outcomes. Colleagues describe his leadership style as one that combines transparency and inclusivity with the capacity to empower those around him.

With a goal to support leaders who deeply care about their people and with a system for maximizing team performance that is proven and ready to scale, Grant joined the Belongify Team at a crucial moment. As CEO, he is excited to lead the organization through this next phase because he knows the system works, can see the potential for Belongify to impact teams and organizations across the spectrum and can’t wait to share this powerful process with you.

**For more details, visit Grant’s profile on LinkedIn.

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