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Digital Marketing Campaigns: The secret sauce for startup success

Digital Marketing Campaigns: The secret sauce for startup success

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Digital Media
  • Platform Innovation Centre - Classroom 1

Hosted By: 321 Growth Academy @ Platform Innovation Centre (Classroom 1)

Digital marketing campaigns: The secret sauce for startup success

Hey there, startup founders!

You already know that crafting impactful digital marketing campaigns is important for any business. But guess what? In startups, it’s the secret sauce for success.

When startups invest valuable $’s into marketing, they need to make sure they’re getting the results that matter (think leads and sales vs. awareness). But here’s the challenge: How do you ensure you’re ticking all the right boxes so that your campaigns get actual results?

Join 321 Growth Academy partner Chantel Elliott during Innovation Week YYC, where we’ll dive into the world of smart campaign planning and show you how to build digital campaigns that truly rock.

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Location: Classroom 1, Platform Calgary (9 Avenue Southeast, Calgary, AB)

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