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So Close and Yet So Far: Best Practices in Spurring Decarbonization Innovation in the Oil and Gas Sector

So Close and Yet So Far: Best Practices in Spurring Decarbonization Innovation in the Oil and Gas Sector

  • May 23, 2024
  • 11:00 am
    1:00 pm
  • Energy Transition Center

Pitch: You're invited to participate in a provocative workshop discussion of one of the oil and gas sector's biggest opportunities. Urgent collaboration between producers and innovators can help meet fast approaching decarbonization goals. Indeed, our sector recognizes innovators and entrepreneurs as the key to unlocking ‚secrets of decarbonization success. However, the industry sometimes has inherent barriers that stifle the very innovation critical to future fortune. We will discuss best practices that innovators and industry can implement to navigate these fast-flowing waters.

The Case: Using Acceleware's innovative EM Powered Heat via CTI for clean industrial heating as a case study‚ including its innovation journey to date via the Marwayne heavy oil pilot project ‚ a panel of experts moderated by industry leader Bill Whitelaw, will explore the various ways and means through which the sector can increase urgency in demonstrating that it is an innovation-driven enterprise when it comes to decarbonization goals. The discussion will be wide-ranging, from fear of displacement and innovation‚ ignorance to the implications for sector talent attraction and capital investment.

Your Role: As an audience member, you have a unique opportunity to step into a governance mindset role and offer your perspectives on ways and means companies like Acceleware and others can secure the critical investment required to move effectively through critical innovation inflection points.

The Product: A real-time experiential playbook of sorts, based on panel and audience perspectives, intended to be shared within the sector's innovation and investor community.

Your Panel: The panel will include:

Jane Cavanagh, Scovan

Geoff Clark,  Acceleware

Ian MacGregor, Northwest Capital

Event Address:

12 4 Ave SW, East 15th Floor, Calgary, AB T2P 3N3

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