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Talent Impact Series – Elevating Calgary’s Tech Ecosystem Workshop

Talent Impact Series – Elevating Calgary’s Tech Ecosystem Workshop

People & Culture
  • November 16, 2023
  • 3:00 pm
    4:00 pm
  • Platform Innovation Centre (Classroom 1)

Hosted By: Careers in Technology and Innovation @ Platform Innovation Centre (Classroom 1)

This workshop revolves around the exhilarating progress and formidable challenges encountered in Calgary’s evolving tech industry, with a key focus on diversifying its professional landscape. Presented by Careers In Technology and Innovation (CITI), the session will illuminate the gaps and present strategic insights based on a series of impactful events and meticulous research conducted over the past months. The emphasis lies on nurturing a membership community of diverse professionals aimed at fostering intentional and fulfilling careers in tech.

Presentation of Executive Summary Data: The initial segment of the workshop will be dedicated to unraveling the data amassed through the Tech Talent Impact Series. A deep dive into the synthesis of comprehensive data and its segmentation into four illuminating reports will be undertaken. Each report carves a niche in understanding the unique facets of entering and thriving in the tech domain:

  • Leveraging Transferable Skills: A focus on the assimilation of diverse educational and professional backgrounds into the tech ecosystem.
  • Attracting Diverse Talent: Insights into barriers faced by diverse talent and strategies for companies to be more inclusive and attractive.
  • Building Intentional Culture: Exploring the significance of cultivating an enriching workplace culture for both job seekers and employers.
  • Professional Development and Growth: A closer look at the pathways that foster professional development and growth in the tech space.

Ideation Exercise
The workshop will transition into an ideation exercise post the data presentation. Participants will engage in collaborative brainstorming aimed at conceiving innovative solutions and strategies to enhance diversity within Calgary’s tech industry. The exercise aims to derive actionable insights and practical recommendations to bridge the identified gaps.

Themes for Exploration:
Key themes identified for exploration and enhancement include mentorship, leadership development, career growth, and community. The ideation will be channeled towards nurturing these themes to culminate in a rich array of solutions that resonate with the aspiration of a diverse and thriving tech ecosystem.

Conclusion and Way Forward:
Wrapping up the workshop, a consolidation of the ideation outcomes will be conducted. The goal is to distill the collective wisdom and insights into a compelling roadmap that bolsters the inclusion of diverse talent within Calgary’s tech ecosystem, aligning with CITI’s mission of fostering purposeful and fulfilling tech careers.

A heartfelt gratitude will be expressed to all partner organizations and funding bodies who have been instrumental in steering the series of events and research that have culminated in today’s workshop. This includes Calgary Economic Development, InceptionU, OnRamp, Platform Calgary, the Alberta Government and Alberta Innovates.

Your participation will be a valued contribution towards sculpting a vibrant and inclusive future for Calgary’s tech industry! 🚀

This event is an in-person event, held at Platform Calgary, in Classroom 1.

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  • Careers in Technology and Innovation
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407 9 Ave SE Calgary, Alberta T2G 2K7

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