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The Financial Wake Up Call for Founders Webinar

The Financial Wake Up Call for Founders Webinar

  • November 16, 2023
  • 10:00 am
    11:00 am
  • Virtual

ATB is pleased to host this webinar featuring Taunya Woods Richardson, the creator of the Cashflow Canvas™ and CEO of Nail the Numbers.

$27,000 in consumer debt. Saving less than 3% of income. Only two in 10 can scrape together $1,000 in an emergency. $13.4 trillion deficit for retirement needs.

Canadians are in a bind, and for small business owners, those binds are even tighter. Founders can no longer afford to build a lousy-paying job for themselves. Founders need to be equipped with the tools and training to construct businesses that are financially solid.

This bootcamp aims to alert entrepreneurs as to the reality of their financial situation, not to scare them, but to kick-start their brain into action.

It’s how our brain is wired. It won’t spring into action until it sees the threat. We’ve got three zingers to do just that:

1. The current rate of return you’ve been making on your business investment.

2. How much the business really needs to pay you every month.

3. How much do you need for retirement?

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