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The Great Unlearning: Investing in YOUR Ideas, Perspectives & Opinions

The Great Unlearning: Investing in YOUR Ideas, Perspectives & Opinions

  • November 22, 2023
  • 9:00 am
    11:00 am
  • Platform Innovation Centre - Classroom 1

Hosted by: Maggie @ Platform Innovation Centre (Classroom 1)

Maggie is thrilled to partner with the teams at Tacit Edge and WTAL Canada to present The Great Unlearning: Investing in YOUR Ideas, Perspectives & Opinions.

Join us for a transformational workshop, led by a powerhouse group of women leaders, as we propel you into an unlearning practice that will unleash your untapped potential.

Time for an all too familiar story…

So many women are familiar with that sinking feeling during a pivotal meeting, where you’re on the brink of sharing your unique insights, but something holds you back. The narrative in your mind echoes with untruths like “I don’t know enough,” “I’ll just be ignored,” or “It didn’t go well last time.”

This story is all too relatable. The power of authentic expression in the moment is squandered, leaving you burdened with regret and the promise of a “next time” that never comes.

The Challenge:
For generations, women have been conditioned to silence our voices, particularly in workplaces. We’ve been taught to conform, to stay small, and to suppress our true thoughts for the sake of success, job security or simply to avoid reprimand and risk. In the process, we dehumanize ourselves, and the world misses out on our brilliance. The Better Not Reflex™ is an entrenched neurological pathway, partially formed by societal conditioning that blocks you from accessing your highest potential.

During this session, you will:
🧠 Breakthrough your Better Not Reflex to share your IPOs in an authentic way.
🏃‍♀️ Get into action through Maggie’s unlearning practice.
🎤 Feel the power of speaking authentically in the moment – and want to do it again.

The format:
We start with a round table where we share real-life experiences. Then, we break into small cohorts where you’ll get into action with The Maggie Unlearning Practice (we’re keeping this a downlow intentionally!)

We’re seeking individuals who:

  • Are women, non-binary and gender fluid folks. We welcome all individuals who identify with elle/ey/she/te/they/ver/xe pronouns…or haven’t quite figured this out yet! (we apologize if we missed any pronouns – please tell us if we did!)
  • Want to move past the Better Not Reflex™ being a limiting force.
  • Are drawn to the idea of unlearning in a community.
  • Approach conversations with curiosity rather than a need to be right.
  • Embrace a beginner’s mindset and are open to new approaches.
  • Truly enjoy deep, challenging conversations. No surface level here.

Your Ideas, Perspectives, and Opinions matter; they are what make you exceptional! Maggie is here to invest in your IPOs. Will you take the leap?

Join us!

Important Note on Hate & Discrimination.
In light of recent hate events across Canada, it is important to make something resoundingly clear. Maggie is a platform that welcomes and celebrates the journeys of all women: trans, non-binary, and cis. Hate is not welcome here and will not be tolerated.

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  • Maggie
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407 9 Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 2K7

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