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Unleashing Cash Flow: Insights from Sales Experts with Multi-Million Sales Records

Unleashing Cash Flow: Insights from Sales Experts with Multi-Million Sales Records

  • November 23, 2023
  • 12:00 pm
    1:00 pm
  • Platform Innovation Centre - Classroom 2

Hosted By: Elefante On-Demand Sales and Marketing @ Platform Innovation Centre (Classroom 2)

Tech startups often struggle to scale due to a lack of a robust sales strategy. While founders prioritize product development and technology, they may neglect the crucial aspect of sales and revenue generation. Having a great product is vital, but an effective sales strategy is equally important. Without a clear sales process, startups may face challenges in acquiring customers, generating revenue, and achieving sustainable growth. Moreover, the absence of a proven sales process can impede a startup’s ability to secure the necessary capital, as investors seek clear paths to revenue and growth. In essence, a well-defined sales process is integral to a tech startup’s overall success, influencing its capacity to obtain funding for expansion and innovation.

To address this challenge, we have curate an exclusive panel of 4 distinguished sales experts who have made substantial contributions to tech organizations’ success by bringing in new opportunities a.k.a” Sales Super Stars”. They’ll generously share their invaluable insights, covering an array of topics from mastering the art of cold calling to highlighting the significance of sales processes, CRM utilization, and accurate forecasting, their expertise spans a broad spectrum. Additionally, they’ll delve into the integration of cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and powerful tools for efficient lead generation. This is an unmissable opportunity to learn from industry leaders and propel your tech startup’s growth potential.

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  • Elefante On-Demand Sales and Marketing
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407 9 Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 2K7

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