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Peer-to-Peer Groups

A thriving innovation ecosystem is not just defined by individuals and organizations but by the ever-increasing number of connections between them. With peer-to-peer meetups and collaboration, every good idea becomes greater by sharing perspective, knowledge, wisdom, and support.


Get Connected.

As we bring together the resources of Calgary’s tech ecosystem, we also bring together the meetups and groups within our community. Have a look below at the events hosted by our many partners.

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Alternatively, let us help you start a new peer-to-peer group focused on what’s important to you. Fill out the form below, and we’ll notify you as soon as we have 5 or more people interested in the same topic. We’ll set up the meetup, and you just need to show up!

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Current Peer-to-Peer Meetups

Our partners are already hosting some great meetups. Check them out!



CivicTechYYC is a community-based group that is part of a global movement to leverage technology for public good. We are passionate volunteers who come together to conceptualize and engage on projects that serve to make Calgary an even better place to live.

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Calgary UX

Calgary UX aims to inspire and connect user experience professionals across all disciplines and all industries. Together, we connect people, celebrate talent, share knowledge and collaborate with communities around us.

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Data for Good

Data For Good is a collective of volunteer do-gooders, using our technical knowledge and skills to help make our communities better through data. We help nonprofit and social organizations harness the power of their data through analytics and visualizations in order to leverage their impact in the community.

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PyData provides a forum for the international community of users and developers of data analysis tools to share ideas and learn from each other.

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CalgaryR is a community of data enthusiasts and endeavours working with R. 

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Untapped Energy Meetup

A community for data enthusiasts in the oil and gas industry.


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Peer Guidance

We guide Startups, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses through their challenges. Focusing on Scale, Growth & Angel Investing. A group of carefully curated entrepreneurs has assembled for a noble, Purpose Before Profit — to pay those honest conversations forward. We’re here to listen, connect, offer honest advice and guide you, via our vast network, to the resources and funds you need to build a successful business.

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Digital Alberta

Digital Alberta is a not-for-profit organization that operates across the province to connect, grow, and promote Alberta’s world-class digital talent. 

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YYC Data Society

The YYC Data Society is Calgary's hub for data science, data engineering, and analytics. We were born from grassroots communities and composed of people just like you.

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Web Development & Design

YYC Dev (Developers)

Every month, YYC Dev gathers from the farthest-reaching corners of Calgary's tech-sphere to discuss, learn, share, innovate, and connect fellow developers with one another in a meetup that focuses on building communities and developing software.

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The Calgary Wordpress Meetup Group

Monthly get-togethers and discussions around the WordPress blogging platform. This group is suitable for designers, developers, and bloggers of all levels (including beginners). The group will also address topics related to content such as Wordpress SEO, though may or may not deal with content development in and of itself.

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PyYYC (Python)

Would you like to learn Python, and get into the field? Do you use Python, and want to advance your knowledge? Have you built something interesting in Python, or figured out something tricky, that you want to share with others? Do you just want to chat?

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Calgary Agile Methods User Group

The Calgary Agile Methods User Group (CAMUG) meets the first Thursday of every month (September to May) at Innovate Calgary. CAMUG provides a focal point for the use of agile methods in software development organizations in Calgary. Our members include software developers, managers, business professionals, researchers, students, and people from all walks of life.

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YYC Design & Developer Slack Group

This Slack-based community provides a great conversation about design, branding, and web development, and offers an active job board.

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Calgary's Google Cloud Developer Group (GDGYYC)

Connecting Calgary's developers, data scientists and cloud architects to utilise Google Cloud and Cloud Native technology, tools and frameworks to build and deploy the solutions of the future, and modernize legacy infrastructure and solutions.

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Calgary Software Crafters

A group of software developers who know that writing quality code comes from deliberate practice. We find that writing code together makes it more fun and better quality than going it alone.

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Artificial Intelligence

Calgary Artificial Intelligence (AI) Meetup

Explore and discuss artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science, and we learned a ton from each other. The discussion is varied, approachable, and valuable, no matter your level of expertise!

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Calgary Game Developers

Calgary Game Developers is a group for people of all skill levels interested in creating video games. It doesn't matter whether you're a programmer, artist, sound designer, writer, or any other profession, so long as you simply enjoy making games.

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Women in Tech

Chic Geek

Chic Geek sees that mid-career womxn are most likely to leave technology companies and technology careers because they don’t see a clear path to advancement. Their initiatives are designed to engage companies and help womxn see more career visibility to better retain them in technology careers and companies.

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The 51

The51 is a Financial Feminist™ platform where investors, entrepreneurs, and those who aspire to be, come together for democratized access to women-led capital for women-led businesses—to build mutual wealth and social/environmental impact, share knowledge and experiences, become influential investors, innovators and consumers, and build the Financial Feminist™ economy.

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Women in Data Calgary

Women in Data Calgary aims to be a space where women working in data science can connect and learn. The group goes in-depth into case studies and encourage members to put forth questions related to their work.

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Women's Data Science Study Group

This study group is for women to develop their skills in Data Science/Data Analysis using open source technologies such as R and Python to develop machine learning and AI solutions.

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All Things Product

Product Calgary

A group of Product People passionate about growing professionally, networking with other Product People, and building the professional community here in Calgary. We work in industries such as software, technology, consumer packaged goods, and others.

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Hard Tech & IIoT

Canadian Blockchain Consortium

The Canada Blockchain Consortium (CBC) connects blockchain technology business owners, developers, adopters and those interested in exploring the technology’s transformative potential. 

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Fuse 33

Fuse33 is one of Calgary’s largest maker spaces to help you create your projects and prototypes.

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If you are looking for support to grow an existing peer-to-peer group or start a new one, Platform Calgary can help! Connect with us to learn more.